Telecommunications and Wireless Systems with a Year in Industry - MSc (Eng)

Full Time - 24 months Course Code: MSC/TWS/IND Major code: EETI

This MSc programme will develop your knowledge and skills to an advanced level in key aspects of telecommunications and wireless systems.

The course content is updated annually to maintain industry relevance and to reflect the latest developments in the industry. This programme can be studied full or part time. The first two sections consist of lectures, laboratory classes and seminars, with a final section devoted to an individually supervised project. You will study the following core (compulsory) topics during the MSc: Wireless systems and designs Communication networks and security Research skills and management Signal processing Cellular radio communications systems related topics. In addition you can choose from the following options to take account of your interests: Optical fibre systems Radio propagation and antennas Communication signal processing Neural networks Integrated circuit design. Graduates will be capable of undertaking research and development work in telecom and wireless systems, and also developing and managing R&D programmes. This 2-year MSc programme EETI shares the same taught modules with its equivalent 1-year MSc in telecommunications and wireless systems (EETW) in year 1.  But unlike the 1-year MSc students who do their MSc project over the summer, students on the 2 year MSc (EETI) are required to undertake an industrial project and placement (either in the UK or overseas) in year 2, typically 30 weeks from September to next June. This opportunity to work in industry will help students strengthen their career options by Undertaking the project work in an industrial setting; Applying theory learnt in the classroom to real-world practice; Developing communications and interpersonal skills; Building networks and knowledge which will be invaluable throughout their career. The placement During the placement year students will spend time working in a relevant company suitable for the MSc. This is an excellent opportunity to gain practical engineering experience which will boost students’ CV, build networks and develop confidence in a working environment. Many placement students continue their relationship with the placement provider by undertaking relevant projects and may ultimately return to work for the company when they graduate. The University of Liverpool has a dedicated team to help students find a suitable placement. Preparation for the placement is provided by the University’s Careers and Employability Services (CES) who assist students in finding a placement, help students produce a professional CV and prepare students for placement interviews. Placements can be near or far in the UK or overseas. The University has very good links with industry; companies (such as ARM Plc) have offered our MSc students competitive placements.  Although industry placements are not guaranteed, the University offers students opportunities and support throughout the process to ensure that the chance for a student to find a placement is high. If a student is unable to secure a suitable placement by the end of April during year 1, the student will be transferred onto the 1-year MSc to undertake the MSc project over the summer and graduate after one year.  This programme is also available without the Year in Industry as Telecommunications and Wireless Systems MSc (Eng).

There are no strict application deadlines but applicants are encouraged to apply in good time, particularly if they require visas or have special requirements.

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